I’m still here!

With good intentions at the close of 2019 I was planning to grow this business starting and during 2020 and give it all of my focus.

However… the pandemic overall and the chaos of 2020/21’s uncertainty and see-saw lockdowns meant I fully focused on (keeping) my regular day job and I found with people furloughed and/or on a reduced income that the need for web design and any work on presentations – this slowed to zero and people wanted to do it for themselves (which is great for their new skills & saving money, but wasn’t good business traffic for me). Also during 2022 I’ve experienced the passing of important people to me; two family members inside 6 months, and at the start of the year the sudden loss of a dear friend and client of whom I had designed 2 websites.

Following on from my action plans for Myscha Creative that I had from the end of 2019 & to a new start for 2020 – here we are now almost three years later; I’m still here (in theory and commitment) – but my day job is my consistent income and is what pays my bills.

For 2023 I am intending to grow this business again and see what future opportunities present themselves.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year (I’m just recovering from Covid over Christmas – my second experience having caught it the beginning of April 2022 too).

Happy 2023!

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